The Space

The Awakened Embodiment Space is located in charming Kerrytown, downtown Ann Arbor next to the People's Food Co-op. ​

218 N. Fourth Ave, Ste #205

Ann Arbor, MI 48104

Office Hours:

Sunday - Friday By Appointment Only 

Closed Saturdays




The Guide

This is a space for serenity, clearing, and rejuvenation. Awakened Embodiment focuses on modalities that help us move into a sustained alignment with our highest potential. Working on releasing what no longer serves & inviting what does. 

Kelsey has spent many years studying the relationship between our bodies, minds & spirit; she brings this wisdom of the connection of all things into every product & service she offers within her business. 

As a Licenced Massage Therapist, Yoga Instructor, Energy Healer, Herbalist, Past Life Regression Therapist, & Intuitive she is dedicated to holistic wellness, spiritual wellness, manifestation & lifestyle up-leveling.


Awakened Provisions

The everyday products we use have consequences on our bodies & our environment.

Having integrity for all aspects of our internal and external world is the foundation behind what Awakened Provisions & Embodiment provides.

Hand-crafted, magical provisions that are manifested with the intention to provide purification, nourishment, protection & guidance. Made with the highest quality natural ingredients, and sustainable packaging.

Image by Deniz Altindas

One Love

Awakened Provisions & Embodiment stands alongside all humans regardless of ethnic background, gender, religion, or sexual orientation. I stand in solidarity with those working against racism, white supremacy, structural violence, human trafficking, and police brutality – bringing change and reform to the systemic oppression of women, indigenous, LGBTQ & people of color communities.

If we can see and believe in the true interconnectedness of all things - can we give these issues our full attention and take the steps to stand up, learn for & from one another. I believe healing deep roots within can help to prevent these negative social patterns for generations to come. This is deep healing that needs to be balanced in the realms of inner and outer work.


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