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Transformational Breathwork sessions using The Sacred Breath Method, a Conscious Connected Breathwork Technique. This is a gateway to non-ordinary states of consciousness where profound healing and transformative experiences can occur. Through the great intelligence of breath and spirit, you are guided on a personal journey into your soul through a safe and intentional container. The SBM rebalances the emotional body, relieves pain in the body, & activates one’s higher soul expression. It allows one to access higher states of awareness, spiritual wisdom, and emotional breakthroughs through a somatic journey. Many who have worked with this method of breath-work say it is the next caliber of transpersonal healing and find it to be completely life-changing.  Performed with a tailored playlist & a ceremonial setting; this trauma-informed method allows for visceral remembrance of our innate wisdom within,


Image by Puck Milder

Things to Know

What is Breathwork?

  • Breath is our internal life force. Our breath is the only part of our autonomic nervous system that can be consciously controlled. It is the first thing our body expresses when being born and the last when we die.

  • Breathwork is the art & practice of consciously controlling our breath. 

  • As we master our breath, we master our lives, as it is the most transformative tool we have within us.
    Breath is medicine.


Benefits of Breathwork:

  • Physical > Oxygenating the body, Detoxifying & Nourishing

  • Mental > Gently access the subconscious, see more clearly & build new neurological pathways

  • Emotional > Safely find, express & transmute any emotions that may arise  

  • Spiritual > Every session is unique to the individual & to what they are needing. We step into deep magic as we tune our frequency to connect more deeply with the divine.

 Why do we practice Breathwork?

  • Over 70% of our detoxification happens through our breath

  • 90% of our energy comes from our breath

  • It purifies & alkalizes our blood

  • We will cleanse, strengthen & nourish the entire body

  • Allows us to enter into altered states of consciousness & shift our brainwave frequency,
    to help deep healing of our mind, body, emotions & life 

  • Opens up a doorway to the divine & unlocks our higher potential

The Method Used:

  • We use The Sacred Breath Method, a form of circular breathing; which means we breathe without pause, a connected breath with no interruption. 

  • There are many methods of breathwork that are incredibly powerful in different ways. This particular method is a longer form that allows us to go deeper, with a therapeutic approach offering long-term healing through a safe uninhibited space.

  • We practice a full diaphragmatic, nose inhale and mouth exhale while lying down to stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system; our rest, restore & recalibrate the system. 

  • By stimulating the PNS instead of the sympathetic nervous system, our “fight & flight” system, we are able to completely relax into our bodies and deeply into the somatic experience. We gently unwind and safely meet what arises.

  • At the end of the session, we will rest in Shavasana where one can emerge in themselves in the expansive energy created. We allow the experience to be integrated so we may receive the full benefits. 

The Magic:

  • We are 95% driven by our subconscious mind 

  • This practice is one of the few ways to gently access the subconscious mind

  • This is where our limiting beliefs, blockages, repressed memories, deep emotions, programming that hinders us, trauma, and core wounds that are still influencing us are held.

  • Through intentionally & safely increasing oxygen levels, we allow the unconscious to become conscious & we open up new neurological pathways within the mind as we unlock, illuminate & transform aspects of the self. 

  • We find clarity, release the armor & meet ourselves with love & compassion to move stuck energy.

  • We become radically present to what is here in this moment. Find balance, and homeostasis, within. 


The Process:
You will want to give extra self-care time for yourself after your session. Sessions will probably take 2-hours, but please allow for 3-hours. Upon registering you will receive information regarding the technique & practice. We will also review this at the beginning of the session. Please arrive about 15-minutes early so you can set up your area & find presence in the space we will be creating together. 


Things to consider bringing:

  • Journal & pen

  • Non-glass, spill-proof, water bottle or insulated drink vessel 

  • Eye mask 

  • Comfortable clothing that is easy to move in and layers in case you get hot or cold

  • Pillow & blanket

  • Yoga or comfortable mat/cushions for sitting & laying

  • Tissues, hair ties, lip gloss

  • Any benevolent items or sacred tools that you feel called to have with you

  • Snacks for after your journey


Eat mindfully before your journey. For the evening, morning and afternoon prior avoid heavy foods & foods containing gluten, dairy, caffeine & sugar (as much as possible as they affect the breath process in many ways). Organic soups, salads, smoothies & healthy proteins are wonderful choices. Please also consider detoxing from technology & screens as much as possible before and after your journey. No alcohol or recreational drug consumption is allowed before or during these sessions. 


"In this very breath that we take lies the secrets that all great teachers try to tell us."
Peter Matthiessen

Are you a good candidate for this breathwork?

I practice a Conscious, Connected Breathwork Technique from The Sacred Breath Academy. Conscious, Connected Breathwork results in certain specific physiological changes in the body and also can result in intense physical and emotional release. Please be aware that these sessions are safe, illuminating, transformative, and deeply healing, and can sometimes cause the following:

  • Tingling

  • Buzzing

  • Vibrating

  • Trembling, shaking or other physical sensations, including spontaneous physical movement

  • Tetany (tightness in the hands or sometimes the jaw- we will guide you on how to work with it and manually release it during the live session)

  • Somatic (body) unwinding 

  • Deep emotional experiences, releases and catharsis 

  • Trauma release 

  • Experiencing life force energy (prana) moving through your body

  • Unlocking repressed sensual/orgasmic/shakti energies

  • Ecstatic, kundalini awakenings (usually for more advanced journeyers)

*All sales are final. Journey credits will be issued for any cancellations/reschedules made within the 24-hour timeframe. Any changes or cancellations made outside of this timeframe will be subject to full payment.



Breathwork results in certain specific physiological changes in the body and also can result in intense physical and emotional release. Before booking you will be asked to review contraindications for conscious, connected breathing. If you are on the contraindication list, you are not a candidate for full breathwork but we are happy to discuss modified, gentle breathwork with you, for a later date if applicable.


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