Massage Therapy
with Kelsey Rae

Below you will find a list of Kelsey's core elemental services.

Benefits of therapeutic massage include stress relief, increased blood & lymph circulation, detoxification, enhanced immunity, pain reduction, & much more!

These therapies help with tissue trauma, chronic pain, anxiety & exhaustion. The more we are able to relax into the core of who we are, the greater the effects.

Aligned Acupuncture is also inside the studio, see Audrey's services below!

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  • 60-Minute or 90-Minute Therapeutic Massage Session

  • Invokes the element of Fire to warm the body, relax muscles & release stuck energy.

  • Hot stones are placed on the body to create a tranquil experience to help reduce stress, promote relaxation, and ease pain & muscle tension.

  • Optional Cupping Therapy Add-onan ancient technique using fire and glass cups to suction the skin allowing facia adhesions to loosen, detoxification to occur, & increased blood flow. The technique releases excess toxins by opening lymphatic pathways and helps release scar tissue. Wonderful for pain release. Note: Cupping may create dark marks on the skin that last 3-7 days.



  • 60-Minute or 90-Minute Therapeutic Massage Session

  • Invokes the element of Water for a calming & transformational experience. 

  • Uses Lomi-Lomi massage technique, a traditional Hawaiian modality that uses long, flowing strokes.

  • Specific essential oils are used for mental, emotional & physical wellness & harmony.



  • 60-Minute or 90-Minute Therapeutic Massage Session

  • Invokes the element of Earth to ground & fully release tension.

  • Steady Medium and/or Deep Tissue massage techniques are used.

  • Optional CBD oil add-on. High-quality, full-spectrum cannabinoid-extract-infused oil provides a non-psychoactive, deeply relaxing, pain-relieving experience.



*Performed in-person or virtually

30-Minute energy-work session to invoke more subtle, ethereal realms of healing. Focus is placed on purification, connection, protection, spiritual alignment, nourishment, rejuvenation, clarity, manifestation & integration. All sessions are unique & may include guided meditation, intuitive readings, sound healing, yoga & other energetic healing modalities. This session should leave you feeling reborn, whole & rejuvenated!

These sessions are wonderful for any of the following:

Stress & anxiety relief

Manifestation & integration support

Connection with the spiritual realm & guides

Guidance with questions about life events & decisions

Alignment of the mental, physical, emotional & ethereal bodies

We are more powerful than we know. The magic that is created when we step out of our busy minds & take time for our spiritual health elevates us to realities beyond what our current conscious mind can conceive. This is a lifelong journey of evolution.



COMING 2023!

*Performed in-person or virtually

A 2.5-hour breathwork session to softly invoke the element of Air. You will lay on a comfortable surface, fully clothed & will be guided through meditation, a circular breathing technique, followed by a guided relation. Performed with a tailored playlist & a ceremonial setting to connect to our powerful internal wisdom & Prana, our life-force energy.

This session is performed with principles of the Sacred Breath Method, which is a gateway to non-ordinary states of consciousness where profound healing and transformative experiences can occur. Through the great intelligence of breath and spirit, you are guided on a personal journey into your soul through a safe and intentional container. The SBM rebalances the emotional body, heals the pain body, & activates one’s higher soul expression. It allows one to access higher states of awareness, spiritual wisdom, and emotional breakthroughs through a somatic journey. Many who have worked with this method of breath-work say it is the next caliber of transpersonal healing and find it to be completely life-changing.


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Aligned Acupuncture

Holistic Wellness Studio

Audrey Bradley has moved her business into the Awakened Embodiment Studio! And we couldn't be more excited to be sharing the space together! Find our office at 218 North 4th Avenue, Suite 205 in Ann Arbor, MI! 

As a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Audrey Bradley, L.Ac is passionate about bringing ancient healing practices to the modern person. Audrey’s love for holistic medicine began with her own health journey. After many years of searching for answers regarding her digestive issues, skin troubles, and mental and emotional pain, she was lead to acupuncture. The profound shift she felt from just her first session motivated her to enroll in graduate school to pursue her Master’s of Science in Traditional Oriental Medicine, which she completed in 2020. She is a Diplomate of Acupuncture through the NCCAOM and a Licensed Acupuncturist in the state of Michigan. Audrey is also a Reiki Master, Crystalline Harmonics Practitioner, and Certified Akashic Records Practitioner. She is certified in CPR and Clean Needle Technique certified. 

Audrey believes in a mind, body, and spirit approach to healing. She is committed to helping others to restore their mind-body connection, as she understands emotional health and supportive belief systems to be vital for the health of the body. Through the use of acupuncture, herbal medicine, and energy work, she helps bring her patients back into alignment. Audrey specializes in treating digestive issues, musculoskeletal pain, and mental and emotional wellbeing. 

Audrey’s experience with dermatological issues showed her the importance of loving one’s external appearance and has led her to study Cosmetic Acupuncture as a specialty. She has completed a Continuing Education course in the Fundamentals of Cosmetic Acupuncture with Amrit Singh R.Ac & Kara MoraMarco DAOM, L.Ac, and is currently in the process of completing a Cosmetic Acupuncture Certificate in Facial Applications for Cosmetic Enhancement (FACE) through Pacific College of Health and Science. 

When not treating others, Audrey loves to travel, exercise, bake, spend time with her partner and their dogs and learn new healing modalities.