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Image by Samantha Borges


7-Week Online Experience

This is an experience to fully activate your inner vitality & radiance!

Each week has a specific wellness topic & chakra focus to help reduce stress & elevate higher potentials of embodiment.

This will be an intimate journey where everyone gets specialized attention inside a group dynamic.

My intention is that we detox & nourish all parts of our being, activate calm & bliss, & gain deep clarity of the innate beauty & power that is our birthright.

Each week you will receive:

  • A Live, 90-Minute Zoom interactive, group workshop

  • Nutritious Recipes

  • Spotify Sound Journey

  • Tarot Card Readings

  • Weekly "Spirit Guides" with suggested assignments & rituals!

  • There will also be many special surprises along the way!

    This is a complete alchemical mind, body & spirit alignment journey. I hope you can join us!

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Let's face it, we are often operating from our parasympathetic nervous system, our "fight or flight" operating system.


Presently our world is a place where we are constantly bombarded with stimuli designed to steal our attention & influence lower vibrational states.

Our way of life often pushes us out of the present and into states of burnout. And the chronic stress associated with these conditions leads to rapid aging & illness. 

Sound familiar? 

But our natural state is one of radiance, vitality & bliss. We have the ability to be highly intuitive, compassionate humans. Our soul wants us to pause, remember the infinite power we hold within & live in a body that is healthy & happy.

Do you resonate?



✨Week One: Root

Cleanse & Redesign the spaces you spend the most time in. We don’t realize how much our spaces affect our mood, motivation, habits, creativity & overall health. Also, learn how to energetically cleanse & protect your space. Allow your spaces to support you & create the setting you wish to be in!

Zoom Meeting: Get your vibe set!

✨Week Two: Sacral

Completely detox your body using superfoods, without starving or depleting your energy. Create healthy, sustainable food habits that bring vitality, rejuvenation & regeneration to the body by listening to your intuition! Start moving your body more, releasing stuck energy & building strength. Embody your sensuality to discover more powerful, vital energy within.

Zoom Meeting: Sacred Temple Body Longevity

✨Week Three: Solar Plexus

Detox your mind, rebalance your entire being & turn fear into love. Our internal world creates a direct reflection of our external; as above, so below. Take the steps in remembering your own innate power within!

Zoom Meeting: Get past fear & out of your head!

✨Week Four: Heart

A week of self-love & self-care. Nothing in our reality can fruit unless we feel worthy of our desires. This is a week of rejuvenation & love to transform your state of being! 

Zoom meeting: Heart-Centered Manifestation

✨Week Five: Throat

This week is dedicated to embodying your flow state & using your voice as a powerful tool for self-expression & expansion. Stepping out of fear & allowing our most true, authentic self to be liberated!

Zoom Meeting: Expand Your Expression
with a very special guest speaker!

✨Week Six: Third Eye

Learn psychic tools to enhance your intuition & communication with your bodies & ethereal realms. This will be a magical week of ceremony & ritual, inviting the consciousness we practice into our everyday lives.

Zoom: Find Your Intuition: Sacred Mystery Class

✨Week Seven: Crown 

A week of spiritual wellness. We will set an intention to unlock codes hidden within allowing us to expand & elevate to higher vibrational states of love, gratitude, & wholeness.

Zoom Meeting: Stepping Into the Ethereal


Seriously, this is going to be pure magic...

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