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7-Week Online Experience

This is an experience to fully activate your inner vitality & radiance! Each week has a specific wellness topic & chakra focus. This will be an intimate journey where everyone gets specialized attention inside a luxury group dynamic. Let's drink from the fountain of youth together inside this beautiful experience!

Each week you will receive:

  • A Live, 90-Minute Zoom Workshop with a rotating phenomenal lineup of expert personal development teachers & coaches! (Learn about our guests below!)

  • A few of Kelsey's "Vitality Recipes"

  • Motivational Sound Journeys

  • "Radiance Card Readings"

  • "Spirit Guides" with suggested, powerful activities!

Receive an Awakened Provisions Ritual Box in the mail before the journey begins to assist your experience! (See below for details)

This is a complete Mind, Body & Spirit alignment journey. Feel radiant, start aging gracefully, & embody your bliss!


The early bird gets the worm...

Sign-up before February 14th & Receive 10% OFF! Use code EARLYBIRD

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Spring Session starts March 14th, 2022!
Zoom Sessions are scheduled every Tuesday at 7:00pm EST / 4:00pm PST

Week One: Root

Cleanse & Redesign the spaces you spend the most time in. We don’t realize how much our spaces affect our mood, motivation, habits, creativity & overall health. Also, learn how to energetically cleanse & protect your space. Allow your spaces to support you & create the setting you wish to be in!

Zoom Meeting: Get your vibe set!
With De-clutter & Organizational Coach, Charlotte Kaye

Week Two: Sacral

Completely detox your body using superfoods, without starving or depleting your energy. Create healthy, sustainable food habits that bring vitality, rejuvenation & regeneration to the body by listening to your intuition! Start moving your body more, releasing stuck energy & building strength. Embody your sensuality to discover more powerful, vital energy within.

Zoom Meeting: Sacred Temple Body Longevity
with TBA

Week Three: Solar Plexus

Detox your mind, rebalance your entire being & turn fear into love. Our internal world creates a direct reflection of our external; as above, so below. Take the steps in remembering your own innate power within!

Zoom Meeting: Get past fear & out of your head!
With Improv Instructor Adam Rudder

Week Four: Heart

A week of self-love & self-care. Nothing in our reality can fruit unless we feel worthy of our desires. This is a week of rejuvenation & love to transform your state of being! 

Zoom meeting: Heart-Centered Manifestation
With Woman's High-Calibar Business Mentor > Carlesii, CEO of Femme Genius

Week Five: Throat

This week is dedicated to embodying your flow state & using your voice as a powerful tool for self-expression & expansion. Stepping out of fear & allowing our most true, authentic self to be liberated!

Zoom Meeting: Expand Your Expression
With World-Renowned, Hip-Hop Artist & Rap Coach Kiysohi

Week Six: Third Eye

Learn psychic tools to enhance your intuition & communication with your bodies & ethereal realms. This will be a magical week of ceremony & ritual, inviting the consciousness we practice into our everyday lives.

Zoom: Find Your Intuition: Sacred Mystery Class
With Business Coach Emily Otto Rebelle, CEO of Corporate Rebelle 

Week Seven: Crown 

A week of spiritual wellness. We will set an intention to unlock codes hidden within allowing us to expand & elevate to higher vibrational states of love, gratitude, & wholeness.

Zoom Meeting: Stepping Into the Ethereal
With TBA


Awakened Provisions Ritual Box

Handcrafted, small-batch Smudge Spray, New Moon Bath Soak & Full Moon Bath Soak!

Smudge Spray:

(16 oz. amber bottle with a spray top)

Botanical water infused with crystals, sound frequencies & therapeutic plants. Spray into the air or directly onto the skin and body. Use in ceremony, meditation, healing practices & anytime to cleanse, ground, protect, inspire & elevate your vibration!

This pure potion contains:
Filtered Water, Frankincense, Myrrh, Clary Sage, Sandalwood, Cedarwood, Rose, Lavender, Palo Santo, Shungite, Clear Quartz, & Gold Flakes.... yes Gold Flakes!

Moon Soaks:

(Both New & Full Moon 3oz bags)

Full Moon Soak Contains:

Epson, Dead Sea, Pink Himalayan Salts, Orange, Rose, Cedarwood, & Sandalwood.

New Moon Soak Contains:

Epson, Dead Sea, Pink Himalayan Salts, Lemon, Lavender, Frankincense, Myrrh, & Clary Sage.

To Use: Set your intention & place all contents into your bath.

All products are made with an abundance of magic & love!

PLUS Bonus Organic Herbal Tea Bags!

*$67 Value


Meet Our Guests


Charlotte Kaye

Charlotte Kaye is a life coach, decluttering coach, and all-around bad-ass human being. Her intuition-based decluttering method teaches you how to build your decision-making muscle which ensures that you will come away not only with a beautiful and simplified home, but also the innate ability to maintain what you have accomplished.

Find Charlotte on IG @charlottekayecoach

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